Wednesday, 2 December 2015

5 Things to do for your business today

Don't you just wish that there were only five things that you had to do with your business today? You know that there are probably five hundred things, but if you think about them all, they'll overwhelm you and you'll do none of them. Here's a list of just five things so that you can get that warm glow of satisfaction when you've ticked them all off in only one day!

1. Update your business Facebook page. 

You have got a business Facebook page haven't you? When a potential customer comes across your page and sees that it hasn't been updated for three months, what are they to think? That you're so busy and successful that you haven't had time to update it? Maybe. What they'll probably think however, is that you aren't in business anymore or you're a one man band and not professional enough to be able to handle their job or worry that they can't trust you with their money, so they'll go to the next business that has an updated page.

2. Update your Twitter account.

Rather similar to number one of course. Twitter however, takes more time and effort to keep on top of. Do you know how many tweets you need to be doing each day just to be seen? One? Four? Well, it's actually about fifteen tweets. A day. Everyday. Instead of being daunted by this, there are ways of writing fifteen tweets and scheduling them to go out at various times of the day. So write fifteen tweets now, schedule them and tick this job off your list too!

3. Add those testimonials.

You've done great work for your customers haven't you? They think you're great don't they? Well why not tell the world how wonderful they think you are. Potential customers and clients really do rely heavily on knowing that other people have used you and that you're a great person who can be trusted. Testimonials are one of the best ways of getting more customers to buy from you. If you can use a photo of your happy customer next to their testimonial, then this is absolutely the best thing to do. Put as many new testimonials as you can on today.

4.  Ask all of your happy customers to post a Google review.                     
Google reviews are one of the greatest things that you can have as a business. These alone will help boost your website up the Google rankings and get your business in front of a lot, lot more people.  Doing a Google review is very easy and straightforward, however, in my experience, getting even a very happy customer to take the time to do it is hard work. You'll need to call them and ask them to do it. Then follow up with an email and a link to do it. Then call them again to see if they've had the time to do it. Then thank them (a lot!) when they have done it. Don't, whatever you do, just email everyone you've dealt with and ask them to do one.  Your success rate will be low and you risk people posting something less than a five star review, even though you thought they loved your service. If you can get just one new Google review a week that's superb (you'll have one by the end of today though won't you?). More than one a week and you're amazing.

5. Put your business on the map.

Are you on Google maps? If you have a High Street shop, then you absolutely must be on the map.  If you are on there, is your business showing in the right place on the street? This is such a common issue that I see, whereby the shop is shown one hundred metres away from where it really is. And a hundred metres could be a hundred miles if your customers can't find you. If it's in the wrong place it's very easy to move it to the right location. Once you've done that, make sure it has your website on it. And the correct opening times and phone number. You'll also want several nice photos of your business on there.

There, you've finished! How easy was that? You've ticked a whole list off today and can give yourself a reward! If you are unsure how to do any of these things, or need help with them, then you know who to ask.  Me. I'm here to help with all aspects of your social media, your website and Google related things. You can email me now and let's tick the list off together.

Have a great day and I look forward to helping you to get even more customers for your business.

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