Thursday, 27 October 2016

Professional profile photo or selfie?

You've got a great logo!

You've also got a lovely website, a super Facebook page and a wonderful product. Oh, and you've then thought "I need a profile photo. Quick, I'll take a selfie whilst I'm sat here in this coffee shop. Job done!".


All of your efforts at creating a professional appearance for your business have just been ruined by that amateurish photo of you. And, if you then added SnapChat filters to your selfie, please stop reading this and delete it at once!

The above photo is what you should be showing to your potential customers. Don't you think that my photograph of this person creates a better image? What about this photo too?..

You're now thinking "I hate having my photo taken. I look bad in photos" etc etc. Well, believe it or not, that's exactly what both of these people said before I photographed them. Honestly.

Do you know what they said afterwards though? They said they loved the photos and what's more, so did everyone else!

I take photographs of people. Headshots and portraits. Do you know what my job is? 

My job is to make you look wonderful!

It takes only about 30 minutes for me to take a gorgeous photo of you. It costs a lot less than you've spent just having your logo designed and believe me, your customers and potential customers, would rather see you looking fabulous, than the selfie you're using right now.

When you decide that you want to look your best, I'm here.

Looking forward to photographing you very soon.

Alastair Hilton
London W4 Photographer

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