Friday, 27 November 2015

So how are you going to get the customers to come to you?...

You've spent ages finding the right shop in the perfect location. Designed your logo, spent a fortune refitting the interior and got your stock all laid out beautifully.

But how much planning have you put into how people are going to know you're there?

You know that your business is the best, but does the public? Do they know that you are about to open, or even that you have opened?

"Build it and they will come" is a great saying, but will they? Are they?

So many new business owners are very knowledgeable about their product, experts in their field. But are you also an expert in advertising? A social media expert? The best person around at publicising your business? Or are you really relying on people pouring through your doors just because you've opened them?

The difference between a business that succeeds and one that fails, is rarely because nobody wants to buy your product, or that someone else's product is better, but because people don't choose to buy the product from you. Starbucks doesn't necessarily make better coffee than other coffee houses, McDonald's doesn't necessarily make tastier burgers than everyone else, but both of these companies knows very, very well how to get people to choose them.

You need to sell yourself!

You are probably not the only person selling your product, but you are the only person who is you! The only person who is selling your product in exactly the way that you are doing, or going to do. So make sure that you tell people why they should choose you and not the many, many others.

Tell everyone where you are!  

You know where you are. You know why you're great. But does everyone?

There are many ways that you can promote your business, but are you an expert in this field? Do you really know how to make social media work for you, or have you set up a Twitter account, posted a "hello I'm on Twitter" tweet and got stuck when that didn't bring in a million followers and customers?

If you are an expert in promoting your business then you will have a great new business. If you aren't, then you really should look at paying someone who is an expert. It doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, the costs can be very small.

The cost of paying an expert to promote your business is certainly a lot, lot less than you've already spent on the premises, the stock, the staff and the website!

If you are a business owner who is about to launch your shop/product, or one who really wants to bring those lovely customers and their even lovelier money to your business, I can help.

Everyone is different.

What I have proved over my career, is that I really can take a business and massively increase their turnover. There is no reason that I can't do the same for you too. After all, your success is my success.


If you'd like a totally confidential chat about what I can do for you, then get in touch at and take the first step to becoming as successful as you know that you will be.

Looking forward to a great future together.

Alastair Hilton